Friday, 21 December 2012

Liam's Blog - pip

Yesterday I played with my Lego all day and we did homeschooling to 10 to 3. I did not like homeschooling because it's boring and it's hard. I would rather be at school rather than be homeschooling. In the morning we always do gym because it is swimming and some other kids come to play with me. At the bottom of the pool there are a lot, a lot of crabs. And when we were first getting here and were thinking of going for a swim, we saw a Cane Toad jumping into the pool and the pool had chlorine in it. It was really really awkward. When the crabs where in it it was like a herd of crabs and we don't why they are in the pool even though there is chlorine it in. It is so weird. The crabs seem to be awkward crabs - they are in the pool. Bye.

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