Friday, 14 December 2012

Liam's Blog- Monkey Attack

Yesterday we were going to go snorkeling with these other Canadians. It started to rain so we went to a restaurant to take shelter. After one minute all the kids went up stairs at the tippy top of the restaurant and we saw a white faced monkey and after two minutes more monkeys came and more monkeys came and more monkeys came. There was so much monkeys that we ran downstairs. One of the kids from the other Canadians his name was Angus and he loved it because his favourite animal is a monkey. I think he is a monkey because this is what he sounds like "whoo whoo ha ha whoo whoo ha ha" and he thinks he is a monkey too. And then one of the monkeys jumped into the top and Angus wanted to go up there but his Dad didn't let him. The monkey jumped back into the top of the restaurant and his Dad said if he was up there he would be toast. When it was done raining we went into their pool. Oh and the restaurant had a pool. There are three pools that lead into another one. First there is a hot tub, then there is a really deep pool, then there is a medium deep pool, then there is a baby pool that would only be up to my knees. I loved it.. I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really ,really, really, really, really, really, really liked it. I want a pool like that. And after the pool we went snorkeling and I saw a small Lion fish on the rocks out deep where I can't stand. I thought it was amazing because I was face to face with it. When we were going back Angus saw a fish that was on land that someone caught but it was still alive. Angus picked it up and started to play with it and then he dropped it because he saw another cool fish. And then when we went to the other one it was dead and he said "I'm glad I didn't get bitten by that one" because it had nasty jaws. Oh yah he put his finger in the other fishes mouth.

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