Thursday, 20 December 2012

Liam's Blog - Lego

Yesterday we went to the Lego Store. It was in Escazu. There was so much Lego in it it was hard to pick what I wanted. It seemed to be easy once I got my eyes on something. It was Lego Chess. At first I was thinking about to get Hero Factory. My second choice was this weird Star Wars ship  and it's wings folded up. It came with this red clone with no helmet and a Jedi with a double sided light saber and a droid like R2-D2 but it wasn't R2-D2 it was some other weird droid I don't know about. My third choice was a Hero Factory guy. I thought he was cool because he had cuffs to capture the bad guys. My brother started out looking at some Ninjango but then went to the Hero Factory section and looked around. He saw his favourite Hero Factory dude and a he saw a couple of bad guys. He got his favourite one named Rocka. For the bad guy he got Core Hunter. In Hero Factory, the guy that is suppose to catch him is named Bulk and he is grey. When all that is happening, what I am doing, I am looking around seeing if there is another one I might get. When we were going to the check out my brother got both of his Hero Factory guys and I got my Chess Game. When we went to my G'pa's place it was night time. I was sad because I didn't even get to open up my Chess game and my brother got to open up his Hero Factory guys and today I'm just playing with figures of the Chess Game. I am playing with my figures more and my favourite are the horse men because I really like their helmets and I like the Kings golden helmet and his golden sword. They really do shine. I'm glad the helmet isn't real gold then it would be really expensive. 

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