Friday, 28 December 2012

Las Brisas del Mar

It's been a while since my last post when I wrote about our nature filled time at Drake Bay.  We have moved north and are now surrounded by a very different kind of beauty here on the Nicoya Peninsula.  We are staying at Las Brisas del Mar, a beachfront condo complex, on Playa Junquillal and here we are constantly rewarded with the view of the ocean, the waves and the most amazing sunsets we've seen yet.  At dusk the sun evolves into this incredible orange orb sinking rapidly into the ocean... leaving the horizon until the next morning when it reappears as a diffused yellow light emerging over the east side of the condo complex.   At night, the full bright moon comes up and sheds it's white glow upon the place with the ocean waves glowing white and the silhouettes of the palms making the scene magical.

Full Moon rising

Las Brisas is a small condo development out in the middle of no where really... on a very secluded beach with little or no traffic.  As we've travelled through Costa Rica we've seen many condo/real estate developments and many abandon in mid stride and left unfinished when the global economic crash shifted the financial priorities of many of the visitors here (Tourism is the largest industry in the country).  So, the fact that Las Brisas is looking healthy (as a condo development) is a real testament to the amazing spot that it is... a little touch of paradise.  So, we've been hunkering down here for the last 10 days... coffees on the lanai in the mornings, dips in the pool before it gets too hot, then back to do homeschooling in a luxurious condo, then returning to the pool in the afternoon, then dinner, then books and bed.  That has been our routine except for the break we took on Christmas Day (which just meant more pool time) and another day when we ventured into the little town of Playa Junquillal to grab more groceries (by foot as we no longer have a rental car... that was a hot and dusty trek!)  We might have felt pretty lonely here except there are a few other condo owners here to chat with around the pool and a family from Calgary who we've been having great fun with.  They have three kids so with the combination - 5 kids and a pool... how could it go wrong!  We've had many a beer or cocktail around the pool in the afternoons while chatting and awaiting the spectacular sunset which then marks the end of the day around here.  It's been a very pleasant, easy and luxuriant time here (Thanks Dad and Sue for sharing your amazing space with us!) and I'm afraid it is going to spoil us for the harder travels ahead!

A hawk with it's prey

The Lanai.. best view ever!

Black beach.. remnants of volcanos


We have been finalizing the plan for the next leg of our travels and preping ourselves and the boys for what's ahead.   We will be shedding many of the comforts of the past weeks; no more rental cars, less stuff in our backpacks and tightening our budget belts... as we will be embarking on our "budget backpacking" phase soon. The plan ahead which has always been "Belize and Guatemala with a stop in Honduras" is starting to have a bit more definition to it and we are getting really excited but also a bit anxious of how this shift in our travel will roll out.  The boys are really relaxed and comfortable here in Costa Rica and it's taken a bit of time to get them to that stage... so Eric and I are a bit uncertain as to how they will handle a tougher travel mode (and how we will handle it too)!  The first leg of our onward journey (January 10th... still need to get tickets) will begin with a two day intercountry bus trip from Liberia, Costa Rica to San Pedro Sula, Honduras  - two days on a bus with two border crossings (as we transit through Nicaragua), two kids, two tired adults and four backpacks! But first we have some more time here visiting with Dad and Sue (they arrive in 3 days) and enjoying the comforts of their retired lives.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and the holiday season continues to be full of good cheer and good company!

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