Friday, 7 December 2012

Atenas.. so pleasant

It's just so nice up here.. little costa rican town surrounded by little coffee farms, green hills, beautiful homes, landscaped ground with bouganvillias overflowing the walls and tropical plants positioned here and there. Morning doves cooing, birds twittering, hummingbirds visiting the tropical flowers, perfect temperatures.. not too hot and not too cold (this place has been dubbed "best climate in the world").  It's just really nice.. and we've had a very pleasant week hanging out in a very nice house (no mosquitos, not wee-wee ants, no scorpions..). Our sole focus this week was our spanish lessons in town. Which also was just right.. two hours a day for Eric and I and one hour a day for the boys. Nothing too taxing, so you'd think we'd do something else during the day.. but no..we've been complete sloths in the afternoon (not even homeschooling). Eric was lurred into the comforts of the hammock and a good book, we let the kids have unlimited time on the ipad and they have recently gotten into music and we've been hearing non-stop 'Gangham Style' and 'I'm a Gummy Bear' songs in the midst of the pleasant tropical oasis. I really don't know what I've been doing.. I think just researching places to stay and letting my curiosity roam the internet freely. So.. I haven't really had much to say in a blog and even the thoughts that I should be more productive and at least blog have come and gone quickly in my mind.

relaxed.. happy...

Only once did we make it to the pool on the grounds.. such was our slothfulness.
friendly dogs, lovely grounds

A more ideal picture.. I didn't take any pictures of them glazed eye on the ipad.

heading out each morning for our spanish lessons

10 min drive into the town of Atenas

The only bit of productivity was with our spanish - Eric and I feel more confident trying to converse in Spanish and it's actually fun when I can stream a whole sentence together! The boys' intro, intro class is going really well.. they are soaking it up and really excited to be learning the language (they show us their notebook full of spanish words at the end of the lesson and start to teach us that 'verde' means green and "coffee" is brown). A week of lessons is definitely enough (for now) and we'll probably pick up lessons again along the way to keep the  momentum going.

Our lessons at Su Espacia

Yesterday we did a tour of an organic coffee farm (El Toledo Organic Coffee)  which was "muy interestante". Gabriel was very passionate about their family's reason for turning organic and going beyond the organic certification to also being eco-friendly.. making sure their methods are also good for the people and plants/animals in the area. We saw the whole process from start to finish and ended the tour with freshly roasted coffee to taste. As an added bonus, Gabriel  showed the boys how to get sugar cane juice and they got to chew on sugar cane. (Liam was definitely in overdrive after chewing on sugar cane and then drinking sugar juice!) The farm was further up into the mountains and it's just so beautiful up there....seems like really good living around here.

Costa Ricans love dogs.. everyone seems to have at least two.

coffee drying.. the pile to the left is the husks..
which they compose and use in the soil.

perfect timing.. ready for harvest
(they only harvest once a year.. over a 3 month period).

passionfruit.. Sean loved it! 

Coffee shower

Good strong coffee!

hand cranked sugar juice maker

super happy.. sugar water!

But our time in 'Pleasantville' is coming to an end and I think we are all up for a bit more adventure and wildness  now that we've healed our mosquitos bites, washed our big pile of laundry and just sloffed off for a bit. We leave tomorrow to travel down the coast to Quepos and then onto the Osa Penisula to remote Drake Bay (need to catch a boat to reach the town.).

P.s. I failed to mention in the opening passage.. that along with the tropical birds and pleasant weather.. there have also been roosters.. interrupting the pleasantness with their wake up calls starting about 3 or 4am!

tired Liam!

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