Saturday, 3 November 2012

The Beach House

We are slowly getting used to living in the tropics.  That may seem like a no brainer but along with the palm trees, beach front and sunshine comes ants, hot sticky days, beetles flying in the house at night, geckos on the ceilings and then more ants... all kinds of ants... red army ants, large black ants, and the wee-wee ants that love sugery things and come in mobs at the slightest spill of coffee, juice or fruit.  We love the house but  it's open to the elements with lots of windows with glass louvers but no screens and the louvers don't work very well, so they are in a permanently open position. I tried to close one and one of the glass louvers fell with a crash (that was the first day... nothing like breaking things on day one)!  At night we get to hear the crashing waves but we can also hear the scurrying of critters in the forest area behind us and did I mention the ants which we're getting used to and occasionally we've found crabs and spiders and little cockroaches and things we don't have names for.  So anyway the main thing that we are getting used to around here is the abundance of tropical life and living with more exposure to it... no closed system here... no cocoon to retreat too, though the house is very cozy and comfortable for the most part (we think it's bigger than our house back home).  And I can't forget the sand flees... Sean and I have legs full of red itchy spots... they don't seem to bother Liam or Eric (thanks Kris for Tea Tree cream you hooked us up with.. it's our salvation at night when it seems to get really itchy).

But the beach house is amazing.   The owners are 4th generation Costa Ricans (German/Costa Rican) who settled the property in the 1950's when they could only access the area by beach landing (private plane - all the owners along the beach had planes instead of cars to access their properties). It's always been a beach house and there is a series of beach accommodations that are part of the compound so to speak.. all with open outdoor kitchens and rooms with big open breezy windows. Nothing over the top except that it's on one of the nicest beaches in Costa Rica!  We are lucky that we have a bit of seclusion... with forest behind us (which is part of the owners property). - we love the open breezy feel, outdoor living really (even with it's critters), and what a beautiful spot... palms, sunsets, gentle surf and beach just outside our door.  The beach house feels very cottage-like, a little tired but well loved . (Also special that it is up for visitors like us to rent.. many owners along this beach don't rent the properties).

And along with the insect life, we're seeing more of the other wildlife around here as well... saw a green iguana, black vultures, red squirrels (they are actually really interesting.. I know.. just a squirrel but they have a grey head, red body and grey tail), little anoles (small lizard like things), there are green parrots or parkeets that keep squawking overhead but we haven't been able to get a really good look at them yet.. just hear them.. which is still pretty cool.  We've heard the howler monkeys but no sight of them yet. Oh and we saw long nosed bats at the house next to us.. squeeking and swooping and then clinging to the side of the wall.

We are doing okay with homeschooling in the mornings (school starts at 8am.. we seem to be up by 5:30-6am each morning).. and then by noon we are off to the beach. Yesterday we got the boogy boards out and the boys are hooked! The surf is so gentle that we don't really have to worry too much and the water is so warm (the Pacific Ocean.. warm!). The boys boogy boarded down the beach and we tried a new beach restaurant for lunch which was the same beach restaurant that we had a Cervesa 8 years ago that hooked us on Samara. It seemed different and we weren't sure anymore what the huge appeal was, but it was still pretty relaxing..the place is called Lo Que Hay.. which translates into "It is what it is". Today we were going to explore down the other way along the beach but needed to get a few groceries.. so  tried out what it would be like walk to get our groceries.. it was hot, sticky but the walk along the beach on the way back was pretty nice! Then the afternoon was spent boogy boarding again. And as the sun sets (gorgeous orangey-pink sky), I am writing the blog at the table, and Sean is writing (or suppose to be writing) in his travel journal, Liam has finished his and Eric is making dinner; it feels like a bit of a norm is emerging. Tomorrow we have to figure out laundry and maybe we'll make it down the beach on the other side of us.

Day 6
Little green iguana 

north up Samara Beach.. low tide

Lo Que Hay.. it is what it is....

guy climbing to get a few fresh coconuts

My little surfer dudes!

we're not sure if this an iguana or another type of lizard (maybe Black Ctenosaur?)..
hanging high in a tree and he was still there the next day as well

soaking it all in
Black Vultures.. creepy looking!

Day 7


Math lesson
(P.s.  these Costa Rican rocking chairs are awesome!)

Walking in town (timed it.. 15 min by the road) towards the Pali grocery store

Walking home from a grocery shop (timed it.. 10 minutes)

our cute little Gecko.. Yah.. eat up the bugs!

Liam's aquarium he built for the poor unsuspecting crabs.
He is determined to keep the crabs..
he names them (zippy, peanut ).. then they manage to get out.. despite the watchful eyes.


  1. The writing is warming up well,details are good...reminds me a bit of the early journals on the cross Canada trip. You are just warming up though for the good stuff! Like , when you wake up in the middle of the night and there is a snake or something on Eric`s chest and he is beating himself silly to kill it! LOL Some of those photos remind me of small Brazilian costals towns...especially the beers on the table! Enjoy the Boogie Boards boys,,,cause that is what it is all about and at night you only need to foucus on those waves and it will drift you off to sleep! Thanks for the up date! Hugs and Kisses

    David Lara Maria Anna

    PS I saw that photo of the soccer field in the last post. I would like to see a photo of Sean and Liam showing those young kids there some of their home town moves!

  2. We'll work on that soccer photo for you!