Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Settling in

A bit more of rhythm and comfort is starting to set in. The early mornings are easy breezy for the most part, the air hasn't heated up too much and the early daylight makes it feel like we have all the time in the world. Homeschooling rolls in and so far it is actually going fairly well! (yes, I'm surprised).. we have a few activities that seem to work  and internet access with some fun education tools and it helps that Eric and I feel more relaxed and a bit more sure of what we are doing. So that part has been going okay. The afternoons usually involve a short foray to see what is about. The other day we wandered south down the beach , then yesterday we wandered into town and found a  restaurant that has a pool we can use! (very excited to return there and have a day at the pool), and today we didn't venture anywhere and just hung out, beach time, played Uno and the kids have resumed their drawing craze. So.. nothing too exciting to report, just slowing down, enjoying where we are at.. and getting acquainted with our critters around here.

I have no idea what this is.. but it's big and it likes to hang out in our bedroom.
He stays on the wall, so I"m okay with it.

Our squirrel that we see every morning.. we've named him Coffee.

not sure if this is a young green iguana or a different type of lizard..
but we see him every morning.. such a pretty green
another one of our morning visitors
Our little Gecko #2.. just love their sucker feet..
they make  this fairly loud (for their size!) clucking/clicking sound

Samara Beach is a huge crescent beach (approx. 6 km)..
can the north end off in the distance
letting his sandels float out on the estuary..

hunting for minnows for Liam's self-made aquarium

Afternoon Uno game.. after some afternoon boogy-boarding

And then the day comes to and end.. 


  1. How ever are you going to return to a "NORMAL" life...Getting the kids to home school is a piece of cake compared to the hastle you are going to have getting them to go to school when you get back! LOL I can see it now, " DADDY, I want to go surfing before school starts! No surfing...no school! "

    I just love the photos of everyone walking on the beach!

  2. Yes, I think re-entry will be tough.. for all of us! We are getting used to this outdoor living.. and the thought of returning to the indoors (walls, stale air, not seeing the daylight.. ugh) feels a bit claustrophobic at the moment.