Thursday, 15 November 2012

Sean's Blog - Sean's Adventures 2

I like that there are a lot of animals at this house, like ants, crabs, geckos, iguanas, and ctenosaurs and we have a pet squirrel that lives with us here. It is a variagated squirrel and it's name is Coffee. We named it Coffee because when my mom and dad have coffee, Coffee shows up. This morning I saw a cool looking bird, it had a yellow head and little bits of yellow at the end of it's wings and it also had a little bit of blue on it's face. I thought it was pretty cool because it was so close up.  And also I like that we have a view of the Pacific Ocean. I also went surfing and I fell off a few times but I did mostly good. A few days ago, my Dad saw the Jesus Christ lizard. A Jesus Christ Lizard is a lizard that runs across water. The water here is so nice, we love boogy-boarding, it's so fun. You get your boogy board and when a wave comes you jump on your boogy board and the wave pushes you towards the shore. It's so fun. We also saw the most evilest bird in the world.. and we are going to show you a picture of it.. it is THE GHOOOOOOST BIRD....



  1. Great Photos sean! Loved the Crab!

  2. That sounds sooo cool Sean!! I love the pics. I hope I have a chance to stay in Costa Rica somtime. I remember boogy boarding when I was a kid in the Atlantic Ocean when I used to visit family in the south of England, it was soo much fun. I will show James and Fiona your blog when they get home from school.