Friday, 23 November 2012

missed the boat

Well, we were suppose to be on a dolphin/snorkeling boat trip this morning, but we missed the boat! Standing in front of the tourist office.. waiting.. and then the realization that we really did miss it.. the disappointment of no excursion for the day.. bathing suits on, sunblock applied, towels at hand.. ready.. but no go. Not sure if our few minutes of tardiness was the problem or there was a glitch on the tour company side. So, instead we had a slothful day back at the beach house with no one really into shifting gears back to homeschooling. But.. the good news is that we got to see a troop of howler monkeys .. they came right to us at the tree behind the beach house and there was a momma howler with her infant!!! What a special treat. We watched them for quite a while (our necks got sore)  as they munched on the newer shoots of the tree and then they  wandered over to the next tree where they had a little snooze. So now I have better photos to show you! But how amazing it was to see them so close and have a little glimpse into their lives.

Totally relaxed except for the tail.. it's anchor.

We haven't really been doing too much lately, .. homeschooling in the mornings which still have smooth days and then not so smooth days ( I saw "Homeschooling for Dummies" in the book exchange in a store in town.. I think I'll go back for it)  and then trips to town for groceries or a meal or a dip in the pool (the restaurant's). Sometimes we get the boogie boards out and sometimes it's just a body surf type afternoon swim. We have gotten to the point of naming the types of waves.. there is the "foamer", which is when the wave crashes and you get the foamy part; there is the "smacker", which is when you get the wave smack in your back (it can hurt); then there is the "floater", which is just a nice easy lull of a wave ( I like those). The other day when it was high tide and the waves seemed bigger than usual, Sean added one more to our repertoire, the "panicker".. when you see it approaching it really does instill a twinge of panic! The only option for those is to dive right through it. We did manage to get back out on the surf boards again and we all had a go, but Liam is the only one that really liked it and has the knack for it (though Sean is pretty good too..when he tries. )

oh bliss

checking out the crabs 

fresh orange juice and morning coffee

There was a "trembler" yesterday and  Sean thinks he might of felt it. It's a fairly common thing in Costa Rica and people chit chat about aftershocks and tremblers  and it's magnitude like we in Canada talk about wind chill factor. I guess it's a normal part of growing up in Costa Rica. We had a really nice evening with our neighbours/owner's grandson and girlfriend and they said that the big earthquake that happened in September has changed the shore line here in Samara. They can now see more reef in low tide that they normally wouldn't, there is more island to the island out in the bay and the beach is bigger. Wild to think that they are witness to the changes of plate tectonics.

Not sure if this is a young iguana or a different type of lizard

Tiger Heron

We were able to reschedule the dolphin-snorkeling trip and hopefully we won't miss the boat this time! 

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  1. Nice picture of you two on the beach. I used to hear those howler monkeys in Brasil, but from a far off. They make one hell of a noise when in a group...they would start around 4 or 5 in the afternoon...but I never saw one up close. That was really special...amost worth missing the boats. Those are some great shots. Are you going to take some pictures of the town, the church etc...I like photos of doors and door ways in those small you take requests? lol I am curious. We had our first snow fall suck up that cold beer and enjoy. XO

    David and Family