Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Liam's Blog - things I did this week

This week I went snorkeling and I saw a star fish and it was as blue as powder blue. I also saw a giant sea shell.  I went on a boat ride and I saw spotted dolphins. I saw Olive Ridley turtles and one Green turtle floating in the water, waiting for it to be night time. When we got too close the Olive Ridley turtles went underwater. The Green Turtle went right away. They are waiting until night time so they can lay their eggs. Snorkeling was fun and I liked it because you got to see underwater animals that you don't get to see. You get to see them in an aquarium but seeing them in the wild is much cooler.

I saw howler monkeys. My mom went crazy like this.. "look, watch, it's special".. like that. I bought a shark tooth necklace with my money. I saw a parrot in a palm tree outside of our beach house and I was so excited.


  1. I really really wish I had that shark tooth necklace. Your soo lucky to go snorkeling.


  2. Don't you already have a shark tooth necklace? Or is it just that mine is a little cooler? I did see a lot of fish when I was snorkeling and a beautiful star fish. I would have had more fun if you were here with me. From Liam to James.