Sunday, 18 November 2012

creatures and beach

We have been at Samara Beach, at the beach house, for over 2 weeks now. The first week I was feeling antsy to explore and see what is about and felt a bit cabin feverish.. but somehow it feels like an inertia has set in and there is a general lack of exploration and it feels okay. I guess that means we are settled in. The homeschooling continues in the mornings.. some good days and some not so good but generally we are seeing progress and I'm not day dreaming about putting Sean and Liam back in school anymore.  We returned to Patos to borrow the surf boards and Liam was the only one that really stuck with it. Sean had more fun boogy boarding and just splashing around in the waves and Eric and I had more fun just chilling with a beer (sad statement I know.)

So, life around here is pretty relaxed.. enjoying the creatures, critters and getting to know their patterns. I was able to get pictures of the squawky parakeets that keep flying by our place and we finally saw the howler monkeys that we sometimes hear in the trees behind us. We had been warned of scorpions hanging out in your shoes and to look in your shoes before putting them on, but I hadn't thought to look at the towels! I had grabbed a towel, moved it, and then only noticed that there was a scorpion on it! It really clung to it and it took a while to finally shake it free outside. I check the towels now! We watch the geckos each night, they arrive on our kitchen and living room walls each evening just as sun sets.. there are now about 6-8 that show up - the boys have been naming them. The iguanas creep around during the heat of the day and I just love watching them walk. When they notice that I'm too close they do this head bob that tells me to get lost. This morning, we had something new, horses grazing in front of our house.. hmm. The beach constantly changes too with high tide comes bits of coral and wood thrown up on the beach and with low tide comes the big open beach that just beckons a walk. Some days seem hotter than others.. even though it's just a few degrees difference but I find myself saying things like "it's a hot one today", as if I've been around long enough to actually know. The sunsets change too.. with different hues of orange or red and a  warm light that finishes each day.. just love that! The midday light is more intense - a white light. And the green palms and blue skies add their colours into the mix too.

scorpion (scary how well they camouflage)

very pretty looking spider
not the best picture but that's all I could get.. a group of 4-5 were on the move.

best buddies

same beach.. different colours

low tide

walking into town..

Love this place.. restaurant with a pool!

.. this was the colour of the sky!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. I noticed a kind of big rock island...not too far have got to get some kind of row boat and get over there! Or even on the surf boards! Beer Looks good! Next year about this time when you call home at 1 and you ask Eric what he is doing, don`t be shocked when he tells you he is having a beer!


  2. People kayak out to the island (Chora Island) at low tide..... we have plans for that... we'll bring a beer for you!