Friday, 2 November 2012

Cloud Forest to Pacific Coast

After a chill day at our Pension in Santa Elena (with just a small trip to the Hummingbird Gallery), we were ready to hit the coast and see our Beach house that would be home for the next month. As we descended from the highlands around Monteverde, the heat and humidity hit us. The cool mist of the morning was replaced with a desperate need to get into shorts and tank top. So hot.. the kind of heat that saps your energy.. turns your body into goo. But we had too much to do to get settled into the house. So, after a very friendly introduction  to the house by the owner (Costa Rican family that has owned this beach house for generations, along with the homes next to it.. and property behind it), car unpacked, trip to the grocery store, car returned, and into those shorts and tank top.. we got a chance to breath a relaxed sigh and take it all in. The boys were very excited to have their  own room and own beds, something they haven't gotten in over 4 months and Eric and I were pleasantly surprised that the house was actually bigger than what we had thought from looking at the pictures on the internet. We were a bit nervous and excited on the way to the house, driving into town.. we had committed a full month to this place, this house.. it was a bit of a gamble really and we hadn't really spend time in Samara Beach.. We had stopped there for a Cervesa on a road trip nearly 9 years ago.. and had gotten a good "vibe" about it, but really.. we didn't know (though we had scoured the internet looking for any tidbit of information, had google earthed the town and beach many many times to figure out what was where).. but now.. this was it. Could the reality live up to our image? Well, so far so good .. and though our bags are unpacked (which felt sooo good to do!) , it'll take a bit of time to really settle in and make this our home (for the next month) and get acquainted with life in Samara Beach. 

Day 5 - Santa Elena/Monteverde

Love that my camera can capture this.. the hummingbirds are fast little guys.

They didn't stay still for very long.. it took me many shots to get them resting.

There were so many hummingbirds that it sounded like a bee hive..
their wings humming!

Day 6 - Santa Elena to Samara Beach
View to Nicoya Penisula on the drive down from Santa Elena/Monteverde

They love their cattle here!

typical country side on the Nicoya Peninsula..
before you hit the Pacific coast with all of it's beaches

View south-west from the front veranda

looking south down the beach at high tide
(the beach has a lot of debris from a storm that hit last week)

The view of our place from the beach

white-nosed coati (Pizote) -
saw him in the coconut tree out front of our place

In town, the local soccer field.. love the late afternoon light.

dinner at a beach restaurant.. look at those puppy eyes! So hard to resist...

Morning ritual is set..
(early rising is part of that..the sun is up and hot by 7am!)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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