Monday, 8 October 2012

Viva Las Vegas

October 5th - Friday

A self indulgent day in Vegas. I decided that trying to do Vegas on a budget just doesn't work, so we charged things to the room and decided to just deal with reality when we check out.(We got into the spirit of Vegas!) $12 slushies for the boys, $3 coffees for us, and Pina Coladas by the pool. It was fun! We spent the whole day at the pool and thoroughly enjoyed it. Later we ventured out of the hotel and walked down the Strip and I was amazed at just how over the top things were. Sean's head was swiveling looking at everything and Liam was trying to make sense of it all. Earlier, at the pool, Liam decided that Vegas was like CandyLand for adults. Well, yes - a pretty good reasoning. And while he was enjoying his self-service ice cream where he could load up all the toppings himself, he said the ice cream was like a stick and he was like Fitzy. He was very happy!

We all had a pretty happy time in Vegas. Now onto Grand Canyon. 

Slipped right into it!

fun pool.. it was big and so many corners to hang out in

Liam getting into the groove 

Thought the escalators on the street were pretty cool!

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