Monday, 8 October 2012

Vegas to Kingman, Arizona

Oct. 6th - Saturday

Last dip in the pool, loaded up the van which looked so out of place, and hit the road with the hopes of getting as close as possible to Grand Canyon. Stopped at the Hoover Dam and it was so hot.. we were feeling beaten by it.. intense heat that was making us lethargic. We took our photos and explained to the boys what it was all about (saw the water line and again the lack of water in the South West hit home and saddened me) and then hit the road again.

Lake Mead.. notice the water mark! 

Eric with his driving cap.. Hoover Dam

Grand Canyon here we come....
I was loosing all interest in travels.. sort of felt like we were done.. had enough.. just want to get home and the Grand Canyon just seemed like a task that had to get done. Knowing that our time is getting tight, that we are at the end makes the  last travel days not so free and uninhibited as when we started the trip. The end seems to come first in spirit before the actuality. What seemed like a long travel day ended at a KOA in Kingman, about 2 hours east of the Grand Canyon. I was feeling very grumpy.. but the Arizona sunset was pretty.
We followed the Route 66 for a bit.. that was neat..
saw lots of older cars and 50's motels.

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  1. I was worried about Eric and his alter-ego when he hit Vegas. Did he try to get on stage with the Go Go dancers?