Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The USS Hornet

Sept. 30th - Sunday

We left San Francisco and resumed our travels with the van (the van had a nice 2 day rest)  - headed across the Bay Bridge which was pretty impressive (the tour guide on the tour bus from the other day mentioned the Bay Bridge was finished just 6 months before the Golden Gate, has two levels, spans further, goes through a tunnel and out the other side and it barely gets a mention on the tourist track.. poor Bay Bridge.. and you don't have to pay a toll to use it!) Anyway.. we went across the bay to where the USS Hornet, a WWII aircraft carrier is in dock and open to visitors.. so we went. Eric was quietly soaking it all up inwardly extremely thrilled to be walking through it and seeing it. When I asked Sean and Liam what heir favourite thing of San Fran was.. they said the aircraft carrier! So.. it was a big hit and I thought it was interesting enough but I really  I loved the view of San Francisco from the flight deck! 

We drove south and then east and what a difference from the coast. My first impression was "now I know why California needs our water!".. it felt so dry, so barren.. used up and left to dry out. Then we did get to a section that had irrigation canals and it started to look a bit greener but even then the rows of fruit trees looked so unnatural. We had finally got the heat we were seeking and the boys were complaining about being too hot! Figures. The blazing sun, barren hills, dry air.. I was re-appreciating the gem Canada has in BC - the lushness of BC.. so green, cascading waterfalls, full rivers, nature ever present. We couldn't' find camping so we pulled up late into Slumber Motel and turned on the air conditioner. 

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