Saturday, 13 October 2012

Telaport us home....

Driving days and I'm loosing track of time and the scenery is starting to blurr. The interstate isn't that much fun to drive - lots of transport trucks that drive right up behind us and make Eric nervious. The speed limit is 75 miles and the van likes to cruise 55 miles. We've tried to get back into the swing of homeschooling which we've really let go over the last week. We were 8 days behind on the travel journals and hadn't touched reading or math in weeks. The time just seemed to fly so it surprised me when I did a mental calculation on when the last time was. We are trying to make use of the time sitting in the van for some productive work and we have a pretty good system worked out so far.. a bit of reading, a bit of math, a bit of writing. Today as we drive out of Texas and into Oklahoma the boys are working on a creative story that is suppose to incorporate elements of our trip. So far so good I think. They have both ended their stories with their characters going to Death Valley and I think they have plans to have guest appearances in each other stories.

Writing their stories enroute

After we went to Mesa Verde to see the Cliff Dwellings in Colorado we were very undecided on what route to take home. We had detoured north to see the dwellings so we thought maybe we should just keep going through Colorado and swing north but then the colder weather wasn't appealing. Heading south back to New Mexico didn't seem very efficient but in the end we heard there was as snow storm coming in Colorado so we swung south, back to New Mexico.

I'm glad we did backtrack as the scenery was really pretty and we ended the driving day at a great campsite (in Bernalillo just north of Alburquerque) with a little adobe style shelter. Eric was able to get his hammock out for the first time since Lake Superior. And the night was mild and so comfortable. The next morning was brilliant with the sunrise reflecting onto the clouds making them peachy pink hue and it just so happened that there was a hot air balloon festival that morning so we got a sky full of colourful balloons too! So neat! I really liked New Mexico in our brief visit.

The next driving day we drove into Texas and stayed at a non-descript  KOA outside a big city - Amarillo. That day wasn't very inspiring, so I don't have much to say (oh there was the Cadillac Ranch). I can't even remember if homeschooling went okay. Day 3 of  driving was from Amarillo, Texas to Stroud, Oklohoma (between Oklohoma City and Tulsa). We got off the interstate for part of the drive and that was nice (route 66) .. saw a lot of rolling hills, healthy looking farms, trees,  and the soil was so red! We miss the desert and southwest feel that we had just a few days ago and realized with the familiar terrain that we are getting closer to home. We stopped at a Best Western motel (Eric was tired out from al the driving) and have decided to just motel it from here on in. 

At this point I wish we could just telaport home! 

Cadillac Ranch in Texas

I guess the thing to do is to leave your mark with spray paint 

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