Monday, 15 October 2012

Still in Missouri

We didn't get to far on hour driving day yesterday...  the alternator light was flickering on and off and the windshield wipers were going very slow, and then the lights on our radio system went out. We were on the highway and hoped it would make it to the next service area spot. Oh, and just to add some more tension to the situation, it was raining and it was Sunday. We pulled off at Rolla, Missouri hoping it was a sizable enough town (can't tell with a dot on the map) and it seemed okay.... pulled into an oil change place that was open, kept the van running as we weren't sure if we turned it off it would start up again.  Was directed to an autoparts place not far and the very friendly guy there checked our battery.. pretty much dead... bought a new one... tested it again..'s probably the alternator.. aghhh. So.. we set up shop in an EconoLodge (a bit dissappointing after the Best Western the other night) to wait for the alternator to be shipped in from St. Louis today. Eric thinks he can install it himself.. and hopefully we get back on the road this afternoon. The customer service in the States has been so amazing on our trip and we are so grateful for  Sunday openings and friendly service.

Battery is behind the passenger seat

what you can't see is the fresh big scrap on Eric's head-
just to add one more annoyance to the situation

There is a another storm coming (two nights ago in Springfield, Missouri a tornado warning siren went off in the night.. a very, very high pitched peircing siren) and we are also hoping we'll get on the road before the second system hits.

Happy Monday!

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