Tuesday, 16 October 2012


It's really starting to look like home.. we are driving into Fall. Larger tracks of farmland, thick forests with the colours gold, orange, rust, red, green, and deep purple and it's even smelling like Fall. All the senses leading us home and further from our Westwardly trip. ( I think I might have to give up my sandals soon.) I've been trying to get the kids to think about the trip and come to some sort of summary, best of, but it seems like we have all moved on and are thinking more about seeing friends, family and neighbours again and even further ahead to the second portion of our Big Trip.  I'll try again tomorrow and see if we can all get into a reflective frame of mind.

The alternator repair went really smooth and we hit the road about noon with blue skies! We ended our travel day at a Relax Inn in a small town called Marshall on the eastern border of Illinois.

St. Louis Arch
Looking like this at home?

We've seen a few of these.. the first in Texas..
Liam exclaims " Look a Giant was buried there!"

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