Friday, 26 October 2012

Costa Rica here we come!

Sorry for the long break in the blogs. Time has sped up since being back in Ontario.. the pace has been steady. Crossing the border over a week ago definitely was a portal of sorts. When I think back on our trip, which wasn't so long ago, it feels distant all ready. The rhythm of our travel as a family  has been switched up and it feels a bit more fragmented. We've been couch surfing for the last 10 days - thanks so much for everyone's hospitality to give us a place to sleep, feed us and offer their washer and dryer! We definitely have been shifting gears.. trying to hold on and savour the the experience of the last 3 1/2 months, catching up with everyone on what is new with them over that time, organizing ourselves for our the next leg of our trip and somewhere in there trying to get the kids to do a little bit of homeschooling (A friend asked how the homeschooling was and Liam said we get a lot of PA days!.. so true!). This break in our year long "Big Trip" has been great to re-connect with all the people that are so important to us and even thought the pace has been steady, the warm receptions has made us appreciate how lucky we are for what we have back home.

We are now less than 24 hours before we get on the plane to fly to Costa Rica! Our pace has been so steady that I'm now just getting a moment to actually let that sink in. Our backpacks are pretty much stuffed to the max (it has been interesting going from a house, to a van, to now backpacks!) and we've got the last of our travel shots, malaria pills picked up and I think we've made the last stop to Shoppers Drug mart to fill our First Aid kit.  We've been hearing of earthquakes in Costa Rica... it probably should register with us with a bit more alarm than what we are experiencing, but somehow it feels like it'll be okay and I don't think we have the mental space to really think about it. Our flights are booked.. we're going!

Our plan is to travel for a few days before heading to Samara Beach where we have a house rented for the month of November. A place to set up "house" and hopefully set into a nice and easy rhythm and shift into neutral.

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  1. I thought the PA days comment was funny ... but I think I remember Liam saying something about having the best teacher ever as well.