Saturday, 27 October 2012

Canada to Costa Rica

Well we made it! Not that there was any doubt but what a process...

...starting with the line ups to check in our bags at Pearson Airport, then security, then TimHortons line that we gave up on, then a delay at take off, then turbulence that slowed us down (we didn't mind... we were all happy to be plugged in- I got to watch two movies!) then more showing of our passports, luggage, customs, waiting for shuttle to get our car rental, paperwork, luggage slung one more time, then off we go.... and we didn't even have directions nor reservations to the hotel. Somehow we sort of figured it out after a bit of detouring and wondering if we really messed things up we eventually made it! So that first sip of Imperial beer at our hotel (Hotel Brilla Sol ), surrounded by the humid air and tropical plants was awesome. We could stop and everyone was in good spirits....

Going a bit "squirrely" after sitting on a plane for 6 hours

Waiting for the Alamo Shuttle
humidity and beer.. a perfect combo for Eric
(the humidity is for his eczema)

...until dinner and there was a crash big time...two over tired boys on our hands... They were pushed just a little too far. Yah.. we wouldn't try to venture too far tomorrow. Just enjoy the morning coffee, the tropical surroundings and let us adjust ( ...and catch up on some sleep) and find that travel rhythm that works for all four of us.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. 


  1. Seeing a picture of Eric in the tropics seems unfair as I head out in the cold rain to play I want to go back to bed. Warm up those fingers Kerri...I am waiting for some more great stories. Try to find Liam a street game of soccer with the local kids so he can show them that we have some kids who can play too! Enjoy the beer!


  2. Will get the soccer ball out for the boys when we hit the beach... enjoy your hockey!