Sunday, 30 September 2012

San Francisco!

Thurs - Saturday - Sept. 27-29th

Three nights and two days in San Francisco- we were in full tourist/vacationing mode and it was great! There are so many other tourists in San Fran.. it almost felt the city revolved around us and so many of them from Europe.  There is definitely an absence of children in San Fran and a more dominant presence of dogs.. our tour guide on the bus trip we took said there are more dogs in San Fran than kids. At the corner near our motel there was a doggie day care and we saw dog walkers everywhere, so it made sense for us. We took the tourist bus trip on Friday which was fun, cold, but still fun and we got to hear about odd facts and info that we wouldn't have normally have known. We stopped at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art  (SFMOMA) along the tour - the boys were actually up for it and they had fun - they had their favourites and there was a family section where the boys got to play on the computer and make their own art so Eric had a chance to go back through the permanent collection and really enjoy it.  Saturday was Liam's birthday (how special to say you had your 7th b-day in San Fran!) and we wandered around the Fisherman's Warf area.. went on a tall ship and submarine, ate at the overpriced restaurants on the warf, saw a movie ( Hotel Transylvania   - Liam wanted a movie and pizza for his b-day), saw the sea lions on Warf 39 and overall enjoyed the very carnival like atmosphere on the warf. We finished the day at a  stop at a candy store, aptly named It's Sugar!   

Full two days of being a family on vacation in San Francisco - total fun!

Our big build up to see the Golden Gate bridge.. and this is what we got.


San Francisco!

Cable Car..packed with tourists

Our chilly bus tour of San Francisco

Engaged..loved it!

Sean telling us how it looks the the sky after the sun has set over the water

We did a view of the bridge on our bus tour


and  add the sounds of fog horn to this scene

Today (Sunday) we leave and Eric has his sights on a tour of an aircraft carrier across the bay and then venture east towards Yosemite. The boys are very excited that we are "heading home".. taking the eastward route now. And Eric and I are hoping we'll get the heat we had envisioned for the southern portion of the trip on the eastern journey (Death Valley area) 

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. Happy Birthday LIAM


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