Thursday, 27 September 2012

Redwoods, Redwoods and more Redwoods

Sept. 24th - Monday - Redwood National Forest, California

Our campsite was right in the midst of the forest, so it was cold camping  - had the gloves and hats on in the morning (I think I saw a sign with min. temps at 10 C) but our walk warmed us up and seeing the morning light coming through the forest ..... amazing! .

morning at campsite

The Coastal Redwoods used to reach south of San Fransisco (before the logging in the late 1800's) but now there is just a stretch in northern California and with state parks and National preserve, this patch of Redwoods have been designated a world heritage site - the trees truly are amazing and it felt very special to stroll amongst these ancient giants.  At one point Eric commented that his neck was getting sore from looking up.. the trees were so tall, so immense.. and after 4 hours on our hike (the boys were real troopers once again!), we actually started to loose perspective on how big the trees were. Then at the end of the walk we came across The Big Tree which is 1500 years old! Now, that was a big tree! But really they all seemed so tall.. 300 feet was common.. (imagine 30 floor office buildings ). Sean drew in his journal  a picture of a tree reaching out beyonds the limit of earth and stretching up into space and I believe he described the trees as "big fat trees". I loved all the ferns on the forest floor and the immense trunks standing so stately and strong. It  was quite, peaceful, on the trails..the benefits of being off season, though Sean and Liam's  immersion in  Jurassic Park 2 themed play along the trail didn't keep things too quite. But the solitude, the forest smells, the ancient feel… I kept thinking on the walk how this was like one big mental health vitamin.. replenishing the mind and soothing the soul.

Editing was hard, but  basically they are all pictures of Coastal Redwoods with us in there to give their size perspective!


Inside a fallen giant!

Can you see Sean and Liam at the base?

The Twisted Tree they call it 

The hike took longer than we thought, so we are staying one more night here and tomorrow we will venture on and go to Fern Canyon area of the park (where a scene from Jurassic Park 2 was filmed) , drive south and stop in Eureka to stock up on groceries again (we don't have much storage space so we shop almost every second day), find a McDonalds to send out these blogs and re-connect to the world, and then onward to the next State Park to camp for the night. That's the plan as it stands for now. 


  1. WOW! That`s it...I am going....not for a whole year but! Will rent a van in BC and head south! GREAT! photos! WOW wow WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. The Pacific coast is amazing.. and so much to see.. but the Redwoods would definitely be a not to be missed. We have seen a lot of people biking the coast too..