Sunday, 23 September 2012

Portland to Newport

Sept 18th & 19th

We left Portland with warmth and sunshine and were looking forward to continuing our drive down the coast.. but the overcast and cool temperatures that we encountered weren't  part of that picture! After spending 5 nights in hotels we weren't mentally prepared for a camp on the cold coast so we ended up staying at Captain Cook motel in Lincoln City.. loved the warm sleep but felt immensely guilty about what we were doing do our budget and our lack of travelling spirit! Sean was the only intrepid traveller and thought we should of camped. So, not much happened on the 18th (Tuesday).. a nice drive to the coast with a great picnic spot (with this amazing playground), a stop at the "outlet mall" in Lincoln City where did not get the great prices we imagined we would and a fairly uneventful  but warm sleep at the motel. 

The next day we drove down the coast, the wild coast.. 


and pulled in by noon to the South Beach State Park right on the shores near Newport.  The campground (non-serviced) was pretty empty  and the only other families camping were ones with pre-school aged kids (Adding to my guilt about moteling it the other night, the family next to us  had a baby, toddler, dog.. and were adventurous enough to bring surfboard, bikes with baby trailer, a little tike bike for the toddler and were tenting! They had a propane bbq and I don't doubt that they probably had a wonderful gourmet steak dinner planned! (compared to my one pot pasta that I slopped out for  us that night!) Anyway,  we did manage to get some homeschooling in that day and then explored the beach which was big and open and misty. The muted colours were pretty .. soothing.  

South Beach S.P.. Newport Bridge in distance

Bull Kelp Tangle

Ended the night with thoughts of California.. hoping we'll cross the border and voila.. warmth and sunshine.. just like the vacation advertisements! ( Liam keeps asking when we'll be in  California.) 

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