Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Portland, Oregon

We are so impressed with Portland! It has such a great feel about it, love the older buildings mixed with the updated, the  huge bike lanes and easy pedestrian walking. So many of the restaurants, coffee shops, pubs look so enticing that it seems like there  could be a favourite for everyone. Food wagons downtown, light rail transit, parks, and public sculptures everywhere.....we'll be coming back!

Notice the  bike lane behind Eric.

We went to the famous Powell's Book store.. largest book store in the world (I think is it's claim).. could have spent all day browsing and buying.. it has this warehouse feel and even on a Monday mid-day the place was really busy.. so I think the good ol'fashion bookstore might sustain it's self here.

This row of books were ALL
 chapter books for kids!  And there were at least 3 more like this!

I didn't take many pictures.. but here is the link to the tourist site which gives you a better sense of what Portland has to offer..    http://www.travelportland.com/  .

So far we are loving Oregon!

We leave Portland today to head back to the coast and continue south to Newport. The van repair issue wasn't as bad has we feared, so we venture on!

P.S. Had a half day of homeschooling yesterday.. it actually went well.. had them do some creative writing.. which they liked.. they both wrote about aliens.

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  1. We are loving all the photos...even two with Eric in them! Eric...I have been playing tenis all summer with Rich and we went to the club Final in doubles but lost to two 60 year old guys!

    The photos from your trip are amazing!!!

    David et al.