Sunday, 23 September 2012

Oregon Sand Dunes to Harris Beach State Park near Brookings, OR

Sept. 21st 

I love the Oregon State Parks because the check out is at 1pm.. so it gives us the morning to actually relax and do something at the park. So, after breakfast we wandered up the path "to the dunes" and WOW ...were we amazed at the expanse of sand! Liam described them as Mountains in his journal and they were huge!!! It went on and on and the sand was so soft! We definitely got our work out going up the steep sand hills and walking through it. We ventured out into the sea of sand and  we started to hear the sounds of the dune buggies and ATV's and realized that we weren't really in a safe area anymore. A few stopped to say hello, one had us take a picture of him and his 13 year son and commented on how you don't usually get people out here to take a picture. And the other couple in their shiny yellow dune bungy mentioned we were quite a ways out and what troopers the boys were to take such a big hike. The boys who were in their glory of crawling and sliding and running down the sand hills in total abandonment started to get a bit worried and got a bit more serious about heading back to the campground.  We got back to the emptied out campground with a 45 minutes to spare.. get lunch, get packed and headed out. 

We didn't really have a plan for where we were going to be that night.. sort of thought another night at a campground further south along the Dunes (they stretch 50 miles along the coast!) but the camping has been  chilly and we were feeling like we need to make some tracks (looking at the map.. we have so much further to go!) So we just kept driving and driving and figured we'd just stop when it felt right. There are so many State Parks along the coast we figured we'd find something. We got to the very southern section of the Oregon Coast (Brookings) and got the late afternoon sun on some of the most amazing coastline we've seen yet. Really spectacular and I think this southern coast section is the cover of the Oregon's tourist booklet. 

southern coast line of Oregon

We pulled in to Harris Beach State Park just as the sun was setting and we decided we'd better have a homeschooling day the next day and let all that we did in Oregon sink in a bit before we leave it. 

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