Sunday, 23 September 2012

Newport to Oregon Sand Dunes

Sept 20th - Sean's 9th Birthday!

We headed to the Oregon Aquarium for Sean's birthday and had a great morning - the aquarium was perfect.. just enough to entice and interest but not too much to overwhelm and fatigue. The sea otters were adorable and we all thought the pacific octopus was pretty cool. All their animals were from some sort of rescue and there was a conservation theme dotted throughout the aquarium. Liam's new found favourite animal is the sea lion and Sean was very excited to see the wolf eel. 

Sea Otter - they have to feed to stay warm..
the have about a million hairs  per square inch

Giant Pacific Octopus

We then headed to the old port area of NewPort which is still a working pier (the fish smell was pretty heavy!)  to have lunch at a Brew Pub (Rogue Public House) and after lunch as we were leaving we heard the very loud barking/honking like sounds of sea lions! There were dozens all hauled up on a breaker in the port and they were so loud - so amazing to see but so frustrating because my battery on my good camera had died yesterday and so I didn't have my zoom to get the great pictures that I know I could have got! As Liam says, he just puts a picture in his folder in his head and keeps it that way. (the boys are getting a bit tired of my picture taking).

We left Newport and drove further down the coast and camped at Honeyman State Park at the north end of the Oregon Sand Dunes. We let Sean pick the campsite as it was his birthday and he was very excited to pick the one right in front of the playground! We had a birthday cupcakes and candles and Sean thought it was his best birthday ever! 

My sweet 9 year old!

Honeyman State Park

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