Monday, 10 September 2012

Museum-ed out!

I think we've maxed out our Museum quota for awhile! The Museum was great but the 4 hours was plenty for all of us. The last hour was definitely on the torturous side. On a happy note, Sean lost his tooth in the middle of the IMax movie but... it went the same direction as the popcorn! He was pretty relaxed about it- would of thought there would've been more drama. I think all this travel is making the kids more flexible to handle the unexpected or else he just didn't care!

We are delayed in our departure from Victoria- but it has been a good thing. We didn't get on the 10:30 ferry(full) so we cued up for the 3pm which gave us a nice morning to wonder along the harbourfront, enjoy a coffee ( along with all the retirees), play at the park and then back to van as we wait. But it gives us time to get some homeschooling in and do a mental shift back into full travel mode.

We haven't really thought too much about what we'll do when we cross- I think just head to the visitor centre at Olympic National Park and see from there. We land at Port Angeles, Washington about 4:30 today.

We'll be dinged with huge roaming charges if we use my iPhone in the States, so we'll have to frequent Starbucks or MacDonalds to get our Wi-Fi fix along the way.

Happy Monday everyone!

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