Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Monday- September 10th

We crossed over on a slightly listing boat- fairly choppy out there but kind of exciting. Found the visitor centre at Olympic National Park- no longer on summer hours so it was closed but figured things out and went back into town for groceries. This might seem silly to those that go to the states all the time but I was kind of nervous- asked if they take Visa at the grocery store and got a mock "no- what's that" back from the cashier but they don't have the chip- asked if I needed my pin and the cashier asked what's that (not joking this time) - just an ol fashion signature. So even though there is a lot similar in the States, I am out of my comfort zone a bit - a slight sense of unease that we have left our home turf.

Getting back to living out of our Van and camping will take us some time to adjust too. Sean tells me it took us 5 days to adjust last time ( sounds about right I think). Figuring out where things need to be stored and moving things from one spot to make room for something else and then moving it back. Feels like everything is always in the way. And there is this very chilly night- got all the coats out and even winter hats for the boys. We are glad we decided on a southernly route home. But I'm sure we'll adjust and the clear night is promising for great hikes tomorrow.

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