Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Harris Beach, Oregon

Sept. 22 - Saturday

It's still hard to get up with the morning air so cold. It's the damp cold that I have a hard time with and even though the fog is very atmospheric as it wafts in through the cedar trees, I'm still hoping for the sun to burn it off and send it's rays our way. My feet and fingers were chilled to the bone and the boys are pretty good about it but they don't like it either. But, the sun's rays did enter the tall pines where we are camping and we got a bit of heat along with the chitter of the birds and the squeaks of the chipmunks, it's a very pleasant campsite. Between homeschooling sections, we ventured down to the beach at low tide to explore the tidal pools and enjoy the seaside a bit.  

Star Fish

Purple Star Fish

The Oregon coast is so interesting and so beautiful. In general,  Oregon has been an amazing state to visit.. all the people we've encountered have been so friendly and chatty and we haven't encountered one grumpy person yet! The State Parks are clean and beautifully situated and really inexpensive (ranging from $20-$26!) and they have showers and big campsites! And there is  no sales or service tax! When I asked the boys what was their favourite thing about Oregon, Sean and Liam both said the Aquarium. (Liam liked seeing the Octopus and Sean was thrilled to see the wolf eel). Eric thought Portland and the Sand Dunes were pretty cool. I loved the whole coast .. the rocky headlands, stretches of beaches, the winds and waves and sound of the surf..and even the fog added to the overall coastal feel (even with the cold damp camping.. the Oregon coast was pretty amazing!)

Tomorrow we continue our drive along the Coastal HWY 101,  enter California! and venture to the Redwood Forests. (and hopefully find internet along the way so I can get these blogs out).

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