Sunday, 16 September 2012

Fog has lifted

The fog has lifted and things are a bit brighter around here... We had a great homeschooling day with recess breaks at the beach. Eric and I figured out our next few days on the road which is basically a few days in Portland. Our Van is booked in with the  Always-V-Dub folks  to check out the head gasket issue we think we have. Hopefully it's just seals and not a bigger issue.. either will still be $$$$ we didn't budget for!  Tomorrow we'll  head down the road to Cannon Beach, again, (hopefully we'll actually see it this time if these clear days continue) and then east to Portland! I probably spent way too much time on the internet sourcing out a place to stay in Portland... but hopefully what I found will be okay (it's tedious work looking for hotels...camping is so much easier.)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Seaside, Oregon

 Natural Playground 

 homeschooling going well...for now

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