Thursday, 27 September 2012


Sept. 23rd - Sunday  

We hit California and it is sunny and warm here! I was so excited I kept trying to sing all the songs I knew (which isn't many!) that had California in the lyrics. The boys thought I was a bit funny.

Crescent City is the first town on the northern border and the entry way to the Redwood Forest State and Federal Parks which are all strung together. We picked up our maps from the park info centre and got a few suggestions from the park ranger and headed out .. first on the list of the park ranger's tip was to see the resident sea lions and seals of Crescent City.  Right in the harbour there were  two docks that had been overtaken by the sea was so amazing to hear their deep honking sounds.. ornery sounding.. it really echos through the harbour. We were able to get really close this time and this time I did have my camera with the zoom!

Sea Lions in Crescent City 

Seal with Cormorant 

Seals and Sea Lions sharing the same "haul out"

Then we drove to a look out point a few miles down the highway to where the ranger said there have been Gray whale sightings.. we waited.. we scanned the horizon.. enjoying the intense sunshine and heat.. and saw some! Little flashes of them here and there, in the inlet by the river outflow.. didn't see any dramatic breeching but just sitting there with the vast pacific ocean before us and actually spotting the whales seemed pretty special.

Then just a few miles further south on our route.. we hit the Redwoods.. tall and majestic.. the ancient forest. We were thrilled. We camped at the Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park amongst the towering trees. At the visitor centre Eric read that some of the trees (3%) are 1000 years old or more!

Drive into Prairie Creek Redwood State Park
And there was this very bizarre fossilized tree trunk they had at the visitor centre  - I'll have to take a picture to really explain it.. but there are elk antlers stuck through the tree trunk and they think the elk died with the horns stuck in the tree.. and the tree grew around the dead elk  so the skull and antlers were imbedded in the tree!  

Tomorrow we have a few trails we'll do and then venture to the coastal part of the park where the redwoods meet the sea!

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