Friday, 31 August 2012

Sean's Blog

Kris's house is awesome. I like it because there are dogs, cats, a pond and a fort and frog on Kris's shoulder. The dogs Leo, Peeka and Fitzy are cool and funny because they bark at black bears and cars. Peeka likes to eat blackberries and likes her tummy rubbed. Leo likes to bark at cars and people likes his freedom. Fitzy loves sticks and dead rats. He can play for hours. Pickles, the cat, is cute and likes to walk and sit on the patio. Fred likes to scratch boxes and to show off. The pond is fun because you can go swimming in it but the water is cold. There is a log bridge on the pond. The fort is a secreet and I can not tell you about it. The frog on Kris's shoulder is a tatoo. Kris's house is awesome because of these things.

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