Saturday, 25 August 2012

Rhythm and Rock Climbing

A comforting routine has set in and there is a easy and relaxed rhythm to the weeks. We head to swimming lessons in the morning, short stop at grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner, pick up the next disk for Breaking Bad (Kris gets a call from Mr. Chu, owner of local video store to let us know the next disk is in), and then homeschooling back at the house. The homeschooling.. lets just say the novelty is gone and I wouldn't describe this part of our day as easy or relaxed! Still trying to figure out the balance (if there ever is any!). Here are pictures from a few sweet moments when homeschooling was going well (Advertising shots.. not necessarily the reality!)

Then Kris gets home - have a cold beer or white wine ( I wonder if all small business owners and teachers have a drink at the end of their day! ), a walk down to the "look out" with the dogs, dinner, chill time, then kids to bed and Breaking Bad for the adults (such a great show!). Fridays are "Beer Fridays" at the yard which is a nice way for Kris's landscaping crew to finish up the week together and we are invited along,  as are partners, kids, dogs.. so it's a nice end of week social and chill time. On Beer Fridays we also take the dogs down to the river for a walk - all part of the gentle rhythm around here.

We splurged and got Sean and Liam some rock climbing lessons (Squamish Rock Guides) which was so amazing! I can't tell you how proud I was to see them both take on the task so readily and with such confidence! When I signed them up and the organizer said they would find something age appropriate, I was figuring some kid wall type thing.. but the climb they did was the "Burger and Fries" wall  at Smoke Bluffs in Squamish. It's a beginners spot but you still get up there! And they were real troopers too as it was raining on and off and no complaints! The guide was great as she just let them go at it and let their natural instincts take over - perfect for the boys.

But swimming lessons are over, rocking climbing checked off our wish list, we've finished Season 4 of Breaking Bad, the weather is changing, and the reality that it's time to move on has hit us. I love being here, seeing the kids so relaxed and happy (when we aren't trying to get them to work on their Speller), visiting with Kris in her home turf,  enjoying this outdoor living with the constant presence of the mountains and nature...So I'm already feeling sad that this time here, this precious time, is coming to an end. (Big sigh  ...but we'll just have to come back!)

But....we have a new Plan! We are heading to California (and then home to Ontario)! I'm super excited about that and it helps me to not feel so sad. We aren't sure how far south we'll get before we need to head eastward  but we figure at least to San Francisco  and the Sierra Nevada Mountains and if we manage to get to the Grand Canyon then that would be great too!  We would love recommendations for this southernly route.. places you've been, heard of, must see's etc. It is all brand new territory for us.

Off to Squamish Live tonight (outdoor music festival - so the Rhythm keeps Rocking here  :)

Hope everyone had a great week and are keeping the summer spirit alive!

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  1. Wondering why there are only pictures of the kids on that big rock wall and not mom or dad. :-)

    Love reading all your blog entries with my morning coffee by the way. Keep 'em up.