Friday, 10 August 2012

Liam's blog- being at Aunt Kris's

I went to Aunt Kris's and I played with Fitzy , Peeka, Leo and they are dogs. I had fun. When I threw a piece of dead moss, Fitzy jumped and sliced it with his teeth. Peeka is a shy dog and she got used to me. My brother was first for Peeka to get used to. Leo is very brave because he never runs away from you and Leo herded a cat and it's name was Fred and his claws were as sharp as 5 machetes. The dogs tried to kill a rat. The dogs got the rat and I saw the dead rat.

BC is different from home because there are mountains and in Ontario there are no mountains. BC is cooler than Ontario because there are more things to see.

I have lots of fun playing with the dogs and I think the dogs have fun playing with me.

I wish that I could stay here for 2 more months because we are only staying here for one month.


  1. I like the picture of you with pickles together. I think you are cool Liam. Like the picture of Fred. I like the picture of me,( Sean) , you and Fitzy.
    - Sean

  2. What a great spot! It must be amazing to live with such great scenery. I love all the dogs and cats. Home schooling - boo hiss.... :) Bacon would love to see Sean and Liam on your way back if you don't head south!!!!!

    1. Fitzy is like Bacon because he likes toys and dog toys and he likes sticks and he likes me!
      - Liam

  3. Living so close to nature, comes with it's dangers.... their is a wildfire (small one) just over the ridge from here.. woke up this morning and the place smelled like a campground. All is okay.. it's under control.. but the sounds of the water bombers is a bit disconcerning!

    The boys would love to see Bacon again too! They are becoming quite the dog/cat kids here. (and allergies have been fine!)