Friday, 10 August 2012

Homeschooling blues

Actually it's not that bad. We had started at the library thinking the serious, literary environment would help the boys to get into the mode. But really all it did was make everyone tense- I was getting frustrated with telling Liam to use his " library voice", and the more Sean struggled with the work, the more tense Eric got and Liam was generally bored. We must of looked like cruel parents making our kids do school work during the summer.. the occasional glances from the fellow library patrons didn't help matters either! All four of us walked away from the library homeschooling experience generally dissatisfied and feeling like it wasn't much fun.

But homeschooling at the house is actually fun and productive (well sort of). The boys enjoyed the "recess" (and what a "school yard" to play in!) and Liam is diligent with raising his hand ( on his own accord!) to ask to go to the bathroom and calls me Mrs. Latham and Sean is much more relaxed and doesn't resist (as much). Today is our 3rd day at the house homeschooling, so we'll see if this positive attitude out lasts the novelty. We are mainly working on math, reading, and language arts and tossing in other stuff as they come. Kris gave them an impromptu lesson on different wild berries that grow here- the boys loved it! Eating berries right from the bush!

I try to get the boys to comment on everything they are experiencing but it just doesn't seem accessible to them (I'm not sure if being "reflective" is a development stage they haven't reached or just not of interest to them)- they are focused on the dogs and cats and running around. It's the first thing Sean does in the morning- wakes up and runs out to say hello to the dogs and the cat Pickles. He loves to just sit with them, be with them and watch. We've joked that he is like a dog whisperer! Both boys are loving this incredible yard to run around in- rocks and paths, ponds and hiding places and the freedom to run around- "priceless" as they say! (they have not missed any toys! Sticks, dogs and space are plenty enough.)


                                                                          " Pickles"

The Van has come back from the shop- safely put back in safe, basic running order by an older German mechanic that knows what to do with our type/age vehicle. It was a little tense for awhile ( found out that we have been driving it with a gas leak over the exhaust!).

Eric has been sequestered to work for Kris and I'm hanging with the boys - enjoying being a full time Mom (part time teacher!)

Here are a few pics from around here:

                                                                   "the lookout"

                               View down Squamish Valley with the Chief
          (big mass of grey rock- 2nd largest chunk of rock in the world.. 1st is Rock of Gibraltar)

             View of the Tantalus Range driving south from Whistler - on the Sea to Sky Highway

                                                           Cleveland Ave in Squamish -
                           with view of Garibaldi Peak (it's actually a Volcano!) in the background

Have a great weekend everyone!

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