Monday, 23 July 2012

Time to Pause

We keep meaning to stop a bit and just pause and reflect on all that has happened yet there is a momentum to keep going- to see the next thing, have that next experience. It was Mother nature that finally helped us to pause- incredible rains leaving Edmonton, and the continued forecast of rain has us cozied up in a little motel with kitchenette in Rocky Mountain House (town just east of the Rockies).

The kids have caught up on their travel journals, we cooked a decent meal (we've been eating out a lot in the last few days), groceries re-stocked, our map of Canada marked and updated and some open time to consider getting out a book!

Reflecting on the last few days... it was great to reconnect with on old friend (Cathy) again and to get to know the important people in her life- to have created new memories as they say. Similarly it was amazing to see my brother Ryan in his home turf (Edmonton) to see where he lives, works and to meet the important people in his life. It was great to see him so happy and settled and so fit and heathy! ( good luck Ryan and Alissa on the Death Race!)

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