Sunday, 15 July 2012

Time starting to blur

I can feel the rhythm, the pace starting to slow and the sense of time and schedules taking a back seat. Not sure if it's the open spaces of the west or just being on the road for two weeks but there is shift happening. The worry about making sure we leave camp at a good time or planning for when we should get somewhere so we can make sure we get dinner at a reasonable time or any other micro managing of the day - its loosing it's importance and focus. It feels good.

Yesterday we had a small hiccough in our travels - our first break down ( in Swift Current) but it turned out okay- there was a leak in the steering wheel lines but the mechanic just disabled the power steering and we'll deal with the bigger problem when we get to Squamish.

We ventured on and went to the Great Sand Hills in SK near the Alberta border . They are "active dunes" and it was a beautiful setting ( i love all the sage bushes- they smell great too). The boys had a blast racing down the sand dunes and the sand was so soft on the bare feet- like flour!
Around the dunes is ranching and we headed west and into Alberta with open vast ranch lands around and big hawk perched, spying it's prey, on the fence posts. We were amazed to see four huge elk? Or male deer- they were big and had huge antler racks. We left the back roads and ended the day in Medicine Hat in Alberta- back into the Trans-Canada.

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