Sunday, 8 July 2012

Still in Ontario

Yesterday was a bit of exploring and a lot of driving and we are still a few hours east of Thunder Bay . The hike yesterday morning along the Sand River in Lake Superior PP was spectacular! It was the best natural playground ever! The trail followed the river but we took the boulder hiking route and the views along the cascading river with the cool breeze was amazing! Liam called it "rock hiking" in his travel journal. Picnic Lunch at Old Woman Bay where we saw three women practicing some ceremonial dance/singing- it was very pretty with the sun, breeze, backdrop of the blue waters and stone cliffs. Then an afternoon of driving. Saw lots of Moose crossing warnings and saw a black bear trying to cross the road. Final stop was Rainbow Falls PP by Terrace Bay. We keep thinking we'll get to bed early but it doesn't get dark until about 10pm so it makes it hard.

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