Thursday, 12 July 2012

Seas of yellow- Saskatchewan

Drove out of Manitoba and into Saskatchewan yesterday and the trip was scenic with wide open spaces, big sky and vibrant fields of yellow- canola. People say the prairies are boring to drive through but I really dint think so. The expanse of it all is very calming and meditative. Stopped for the night at Buffalo Pound PP (just north of Moose Jaw- 658 km day) which was set in a beautiful oasis amongst the flat land. Grasses and sage bush and song birds and lots of curious prairie dogs. We decided to not venture out of Saskatchewan too quickly and are heading to Grasslands National Park in the SW corner of SK today and then on to The Great Sand Hills to see sand dunes!

Before leaving the park this morning ventured to see the herd of Buffalo and saw a two pronged deer along the way too! Lots of beautiful birds, even a golden eagle? Or hawk - need to check it out in our bird book. Kids are excited about all they are seeing and I think a bit amused that I'm excited too!

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  1. Nice Pictiures. Looks as though everyone is having fun!