Monday, 23 July 2012

Sean's Blog - The Water Park

Yesterday I found a cool looking piece of grass. Also yesterday I went to a water park and I had a lot of  fun. There was a giant wave pool and the waves were super big. I also went down a giant slide and the name was the Blue Bullet and it was fast like a bullet but it hurt my back. And I went on the Lazy River ride and it was very lazy and I got stuck in the tunnel on my tube.  I was backwards and I said to myself no, no, no I'm not going down it backwards. Two people came behind me and pushed me and I got unstuck and I didn't go down backwards. It was funny. 

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  1. Hi Sean it is your friend Leo. I came to let you know things have been pretty normal in good old Dundas. Nothing much just the usual summer vacation. I went to Nova Scotia it was a fun time I also got to go to the Tattoo Show in Nova Scotia. It had cool gun fire but not bullets just the gun powder. I can't wait to show you my cool toys I got like my Iron Man Core toy and my Lego. So guess bye I'll let you know if anything new happens.