Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sean's Blog

Today I was in Banff National Park and I went to a toy store and got something and my little brother got something also. I got a dinosaur play set and there was big Raptor and a small Raptor and a stegosaur. My little brother got a dinosaur play set too and in the set was a big triceratops and a little triceratops and a dinosaur with a frill on its back.

Also today I went to the visitor centre in Lake Louise and I got a Xplorer certificate and I got a dog tag - a yellow and gold one.

I went to a talk about bears and I learned about bear 56 who was walking along eating dandelions with her cubs and couple of cars came and stopped and started to take pictures of the bears. ...... ( sean fell asleep, I'll finish it... ) The momma bear got scared and ran into a train and died and her cubs died later too - all because of the "bear jam" - when people stop to take pictures.

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