Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Rockies here we come

We went a bit cabin feverish holed up in our motel yesterday- well, maybe I should rephrase, the kids went abit crazy yesterday! Silliness factor was pretty high- but it was fun to have a little home for a day- to spread out a bit ( as much as you can in a one room motel) . Had a few Skype calls, Eric got out his book for the first time and the kids were very content to have uninterrupted DS time! I never did get my book but that's okay.

So, we are on the road again, prairies definitely left behind, and now as we drive, hitting a highly forested flat lands- kind of expect to see the moose crossing warnings like we saw driving in Ontario.

Our plan is to head to the Columbia Icefields and hope the weather clears a bit more.

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  1. We are loving all of the photos! Loved the photos from the grass lands. David et al.