Friday, 27 July 2012

Parkers Ridge Hike

A great hike today.. we think (hope) the boys might be getting into the swing of it - gave them their packs and treats and promise of lunch at the top, that seemed to help. Also the prospect of playing in snow was helpful. (they did really well actually).  An amazing hike with a  switch back trail in the beginning (210m elevation gain)  but what an amazing ridge to hike along with views of the Saskatchewan  Glacier, part of the Columbia Icefields. It's incredible to think of how much water is being stored up there to feed into three different water systems  - Arctic, Pacific and Atlantic! We were looking at the source of so much of our water - a bit mind boggling really.

We haven't seen any "animals" yet but are definitely getting used to the ground squirrels and they are definitely used to people!

We decided to skip south to Banff instead of stopping at Lake Louise, and also decided to get a place in town so we can tour around on foot. I promised the kids a trip to the candy store. We are staying a Y hostel.. and it's really great! Very reasonable price considering we are right in Banff proper and it has a communal kitchen, laundry facilities (so good to get that done.. the laundry was really stinking up the van!) and we are all freshly showered, clean clothes and ready to hit the town tomorrow.

Hope everyone is doing well. Thanks for all the emails about the blog and pics.. I really appreciate it.

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