Thursday, 19 July 2012

Made it to the Mountains!

I'm getting lost with what day it is or how long we've been away- its all melding together. So I think I might of missed a day or two blogging. We are now in Wateron Lake National Park on the SW corner of Alberta and its amazing!

We had a great visit in Calgary with Cathy, Tom, and her family and it was amazing to see how much everyone looked the same- figured with such a long period of time ( teen years! ) there would be a lot of change. And though there was change with what everyone has been doing, where they are in life- they, as people, were the same. Very comforting for some reason! And Cathy and I slipped back into our old groove and ended the night too late! But with re-connections made , laundry done and goodie treats for the kids ( thanks Cathy!) we hit the road yesterday to see the mountains! The first glimpses were exciting! And then they got closer, and closer and then the jewel of mountain range and lake - Waterton !

Lucked out and got a camp spot in town and marveled that we made it to the mountains! The deer casually roaming in town is fun too. We saw a Doe and her two fawns up close! (didn't get pics though).

And... No Mosquitos - its lovely here.

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