Monday, 23 July 2012

Liam's Blog - The Biggest Mall

I went to a mall and it was humongous. I went to a humongous waterpark and I went on a humongous slide and it was called the Howler. I went down so, so fast and when at the bottom it was deep so I had to swim across and it was fun. There were some slides that my Mom did not want to go down but it looked fun. I went down one called the Blue Bullet, it was so fast, I raced my brother on it. I won because I went like this "whoosh". My brother only went like this "whish". The Blue Bullet was so fun and we had to wait until a green like went on. I went to the wave pool and I went to the deep end and I jumped in a wave. On the last one I always got hit in the face by the top of the wave.

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