Thursday, 5 July 2012

Lake Superior

Arrived at Lake Superior Provincial Park after a long driving day (approx 410 km and 5 hrs & 33 min according to google map). Sean and Liam thought it was a boring drive except for the bear cub we saw cross the highway. But they seemed to be fine for the most part, a few squabbles here and there but mostly they seemed okay with it all. Eric and I thought the drive was pretty good- the bear cub was pretty exciting but we also saw a Amish community that looked like something out of Little House On The Prairies- a family harvesting hay with horse drawn wagon, men in straw hats, pitch forks and golden hay, younger children hanging out on the wagon in pettifore dresses. Very surreal actually. After Sault St. Marie the drive was very scenic with vistas of Lake Superior- "so Beautiful" as Liam said ( mostly to appease us). We lucked out at the Agawa Bay campground in the PP and got a camp spot with views of the lake! Although it is a bit disconcerting seeing the big steel Bear traps in the park!? We were treated with an amazing sunset and no Mosquitos- it's so beautiful here!


  1. wow! thats all really cool picture of the sun set! and thats a really big plastic moose and i love the view of the ocean!

  2. Hi Danae - that is actually a LAKE! Can you believe it.. it looks like it should be an ocean because it's so big.. but Lake Superior is one of the biggest lakes in the world!

  3. cool! how is the trip so far?