Monday, 30 July 2012

In BC!

From one tourist spot to another but oh so different. We are at the Shuswap lakes at a campground. Despite the flood of tourists in Banff National Park the remoteness, the wilderness, the nature that surrounds, was the main feature. Here at the Shuswaps, people's leisure pursuits dominant with the noise of boats, trucks,trains, people, and the noise of advertisements- it all combines to take over the scene. The campsites here are stuffed with chairs and water toys and coolers and just more stuff! The camping in the Parks was minimalist, "bare" sites with a lone tent or two. Pretty scenery here but what a contrast to the nature protection zone of the National Parks.

No one felt like doing any sight seeing or hikes today and so it turned into a driving day and we drove right through Yoho National Park - hope we don't regret it but It just seemed like we had hit our saturation point.

It definitely feels like our adventuring is coming to an end - and we are all ready for our end destination. Can't wait to spend time with Kris and Leo, Peeka and Fitzy ..... and shift gears once more.

Just a few pics from the travels today.

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  1. Really enjoying reading your posts Kerri. Looks like everyone is doing well. Looking forward to reading more of your adventures as they roll out. Continued safe travels:) Jacquie