Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Hot Winnipeg

Spent yesterday going through the Manitoba Museum and then wandering down to The Forks. The museum had some really amazing sections- the dioramas were fun and they had a full scale reproduction of city life in Winnipeg in the 1920's which was pretty amazing. There was a mini theatre where we watched two silent movies- a Buster Keaton and a Charlie Chaplin. Sean just loved them and giggled through out ( we'll have to show him the Three Stooges, he'd love that !). There was a ship from 17 century that was used by the Hudson Bay Company during the early years of trade on Ruperts Land. Lots of history and geological stuff of interest. So after hours at the Musuem we hit the Hot Hot streets of Winnipeg - 35c - so the "wandering" to the Forks was a bit on the sluggish side! Add hungry into that mix and you can imagine the grumpy level! But the Forks and the food market and kids play area was all worth it- we were impressed- an incredible waterfront area on the Red River ( and Assiniboine). Headed out of Winnipeg in the heat, no cold drinks on hand and the kids proclaiming the are going to die! But Redemption came with a KOA campground with a pool just west of Winnipeg!
P. S sorry about the pics being out of sequence - it seems to be random and I haven't figured out how to adjust.

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