Saturday, 14 July 2012

Grasslands Safari

So much open space! The eye just travels forever! Interesting drive south of Moose Jaw - a bit of rolling hills separated by wetlands, some cattle ranches, tracks and tracks of wheat fields in their fresh green stage and little islands of trees that marked a farm home. The towns got smaller and smaller but there still remained the basics of school, post office and grocery store and the all important grain elevator marking the sky line. We started to wonder if we were driving out into nowhere!

But made it Val Marie the base for Grasslands National Park and what a relief the air con was at the Parks visitor centre! It's hot, hot and dry dry dry in SW corner of SK,

But the park was amazing ! It was like a grasslands safari- the park entrance was 45 min from the town ( population less than 100!) and pass a few "texas gates" and as we drove in we were immediately rewarded with a colony of black tailed prairie dogs ( dog town they called it) as if greeting us to the park. Then we caught glimpses of wild bison (reintroduced to the park ), glimpses of a bounding antelope, and vistas of open plains and ancient valleys ( Frenchman River). The next day we saw burrowing owls! We camped in the park with only 4 other camping parties and got a picture perfect spot for the sunset and sunrise.

It was a really amazing detour from our original plan and recommend this unique spot in the corner of SK and so proud that Parks Canada has decided this part of Canada is worth preserving.

Onward to see some active sand dunes today and then Alberta!

Hope everyone is well back home.

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