Thursday, 26 July 2012

Columbia Icefields

Blog- Icefields

Entered banff national park boundaries and stopped at saskachetwan river crossing- a tourist service area and did I ever get a shock - people everyone and campers and bus tours and high prices. We entered one of the highest or THE? ) tourist zone in Canada.

But the scenery really is spectacular and the mountains , waterfalls, glacial streams- truly awesome to behold( it makes one feel reverent).

But that was all enroute to the Columbia Icefields- to the Athabasca Glacier ( officially in Jasper National Park) Another high tourist concentration zone with people everywhere, bus loads, white rental campers, cars, and people speaking dutch, French, german, Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish and other scandinavian of some kind. We baulked at the $ 50 pp price tag for going up onto the glacier by sno-bus. But thanks to global warming(!) the glacier has receded so much that you can actually walk up on your own and get pretty far up! Of course there were warnings everywhere of the dangers of this but the steady flow of other tourists with kids, dogs, didn't make it seem all that dangerous. It was pretty amazing being on the glacier!

We ended the day with my iPhone and camera full of photos and nestled in a rustic campsite with views of the glacier! Amazing Parks Canada experience! And this is just our first day- we are off to do a Parker's Ridge hike and then to Lake Louise to camp.

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